**HD Medical Co., Ltd. is a leading company in Hemo Dialysis system we supply our products throughout Thailand . The company has been established on February 15th, 1985 with few staffs included founder Mr Titasan Soonthornsorn produced dialysis solution
s for serving some hospitals We had expanded our business and our sales increase significantly , in year 2000 we built new factory in Chachersao Province to meet market demands. With our experience in hemo dialysis field we have been applied more general
and international standard of medical manufacturing Certificate such as ISO and GMP .
**In year 2015 we moved forward and expand line of business, start selling medical equipment and other related supply products .
**HD Medicol Co., Ltd. has been well known as a leading company in a wide range of Renal care. Currently our company had employees more than 80 persons and had
sale team covered in all areas nation wide, therefore we have been widely trusted by our customers from hospitals both government and private sectors, we commit to provide the best quality products and the best services to all of our customers.
**Our sales growth rapidly year on year from few MB at beginning till last year our sales reached 200 MB. Projected 225 MB with end 2017